Solta Lasers For Sale

Solta Medical has been in the non-invasive aesthetic treatment industry for nearly 20 years, and has grown explosively thanks to its development of a number of effective treatment platforms, as well as its acquisition of a number of companies that have developed promising new technologies. Allure Aesthetic is pleased to offer an array of Solta products for sale. To see the models we currently have in stock, please visit our Solta inventory page. If you are looking for a specific model of Solta system that isn't in our store, such as one of the models described below, please contact us directly so that we can best meet your needs.

Solta Thermage

The Solta Medical Thermage system, Solta's first major aesthetic treatment platform, has been continuously in production since it was first introduced for sale in 2002. Its continued popularity is perhaps the best possible indication of its effectiveness. The Thermage is a device designed specifically for the removal of wrinkles, lines, and other surface inconsistencies. While this may make it sound like the Thermage is limited in its abilities, that's far from the truth. There are very few systems that reduce the visibility of larger dimples, bulges, and sagging across the entirety of the body, and at the same time be delicate enough to safely eliminate the incredibly fine wrinkles and folds on a client's eyelids, as well as smooth facial wrinkles and improving collagen production.

The Thermage focuses and projects radio waves deep beneath the skin, causing heating of deep tissue. This causes fatty deposits beneath the skin to contract and tighten, as stimulates the production of collagen. Connective tissues are revivified, restoring a more youthful, even appearance. During the duration of treatment, the Thermage uses Comfort Pulse Technology that incorporates continuous vibrations and interspersed periods of cooling to maintain client comfort and prevent unsightly reddening or burning of skin. Treatment is concluded with a final application of cryogen gas, quickly cooling surface and subsurface tissues to normal temperatures.

The Solta Thermage system requires only a single session to produce desired results, making it an essential piece of equipment for practice marketing themselves to busy, on-the-go professionals who can only spare a single lunch break for an appointment, and tend to be long-term, repeat customers.

Solta Fraxel

The demand for fractional laser treatments has grown greatly in the last few years, as the general public has slowly become aware of the existence of the process. This is understandable, given the painfulness of older laser skin resurfacing treatments, as well as the long recovery time from the burns and swelling that inevitably follow. The Solta Fraxel was one of the first true fractional laser resurfacing systems developed and marketed, and it has only been improved and refined in the years since then, with Solta drawing on the experienced earned from more than 800,000 Fraxel treatments that have been performed since its introduction.

The Fraxel laser resurfacing process involves creating of hundreds and thousands of pinpoint exposure sites across the targeted area. At each of these locations, the laser penetrates deep beneath the surface of the skin. This provokes the immune system to repair what are essentially thousands of microscopic injuries through the increased production of collagen. This healing process occurs much more quickly than in did with older full-scale laser resurfacing techniques, because each treatment site is surrounded by unexposed tissue whose resources can be drawn upon by the immune system. Healing times are greatly decreased, while still producing the extremely positive results associated with laser skin ablation.

The Fraxel is indicated for a number of treatments, including:

  • The reduction of fine facial lines and wrinkles, such as crow's feet and brow lines
  • Removing scars resulting from acne, as well as larger scars from surgery or injury
  • Reducing the appearance of pigment spots, such as freckles and age spots
  • Healing damage caused by time and exposure to sunlight
  • The treatment of certain skin growths, including precancerous actinic keratosis

Treatment regimens using the Fraxel usually require between one and five treatments, with each session lasting around 15-45 minutes, making it perfect for the professional lunch break crowd. It produces quality results on clients with a range of skin tones, allowing clinics to expand their businesses by catering to patients with skin types that are otherwise difficult to successfully treat.

Solta Liposonix

When Solta entered the aesthetic medical treatment market, they quickly realized the surging demand for non-surgical fat reduction treatments. To answer this need, Solta developed the Liposonix, an ultrasound-based system that uses high-intensity ultrasound projection to heat and destroy fat cells, without damaging surrounding tissue. The Solta employs a refinement of diagnostic ultrasound technology because it is used in nearly every hospital in the world, and has an excellent safety profile, based upon decades of research and development.

Treatment fat deposits on the thighs, stomach, and waistline typically take about an hour per session, and only a single session is necessary for patients to achieve desired results. On average, clients who are treated with the Solta Liposonix see the best results in the two to three months following treatment, due to the time it takes for the body to reabsorb fat deposits destroyed by the treatment. On average, patients who receive a single treatment lose about one inch from their waistline.

The Solta Liposonix system is most effective with individuals who are closing in on their ideal weight and size, and need just a bit of assistance to get there. This makes Liposonix a great choice for weight loss clinics and spas as part of a final treatment regimen, after patients have achieved substantial weight loss through diet, exercise, or surgical liposuction.