SlimSpec for Sale

Allure Aesthetics is proud to feature a number of popular products produced and distributed by SlimSpec Acoustic Radial Wave Therapy. SlimSpec is the latest technology for Acoustic Radial Wave Therapy for  aesthetic, veterinarians, pain management and chiropractor  for years, and is a widely trusted, oft-proven brand.

You can see what Alma Laser used systems we have currently have available by visiting our Alma inventory page. If you are looking for a specific used used Alma model, such as one of those described below, please contact us so that we can best assist you.


The Slimspec is the  best ARWT system on the market there are a few others getting introduced into the market because of the vas increase of demand for this devices. The first pain-free laser treatment, its performance over the past six years has proven it to be the ideal cosmetic laser for both clinics and clients.

Customers worldwide know and love the Soprano laser system, swearing by it thanks to its pain-free IN-Motion technology. Patients have described competing traditional hair removal treatments as causing pain similar to having a rubber band continuously snapped against their skin, or having the affected skin being waxed. These same patients have described the Soprano hair removal process as feeling like a hot rock massage. Some even fall asleep during treatment.

Using IN-Motion technology, the Soprano XL disperses treatment wavelengths across a larger area of skin, gradually heating follicles without causing discomfort or damage to the surrounding skin. The Alma Soprano’s SHR mode helps avoid skipping follicles and necessitating more and longer treatments. It’s proven effective even with clients with a great deal of body and facial hair due to hormone imbalance and PCOS.

Hair removal providers and clinic owners have been able to effectively treat a number of customers whom they would have previously had to turn away, due to their pigmentation or the fineness of their hair. Thanks to the ability to treat more clients, and the number of customers actively seeking pain-free laser treatment, spa centers and physicians have been able to greatly increase their customer base—and their profits.

Since the Soprano’s introduction, Alma has continued to improve and refine the Alma Soprano family of products. The recently introduced Alma Soprano Ice laser handpiece incorporates new cooling technologies, while cutting down on the strain experienced by clinicians. The Soprano Ice is one of the lightest available handpieces, allowing operators to comfortably work throughout the work day.

The advantages of the Soprano XL are easy to see:

  • Works on all skin types (Fitzpatrick Scale I-VI)
  • Effectively treats a large variety of hair types, regardless of fineness or color
  • Pain-free, without the injury and skipped areas common with single-pulse laser treatments
  • Sensitive skin in areas such as underarms and bikini areas can be effectively treated without causing pain or discoloration
  • Patients see results after the very first treatment, and treatment regimens rarely require more than six sessions
  • SHR technology has been proven effective for more than six years and by thousands of customers
  • Uses an 810-nm laser diode, the best-performing means of laser hair treatment for more than 15 years
  • DualChill tip, in conjunction with IN-Motion technology, cuts down on the use of costly single-use products necessary with other laser systems
  • Its broad 12x10mm application area results in faster treatments, allowing spas and salons to serve more clients with fewer expensive treatment systems