Sciton Lasers For Sale

Sciton has been manufacturing medical lasers and other light-based systems for nearly twenty years, and currently sells its products in more than 45 countries. The core of their business has been the development and marketing of their aesthetic laser platforms, which are notable for the incredibly large number of optional add-ons that increase the breadth of available treatments. Sciton systems are highly recommended for clinics and medical centers who wish to offer a large menu of treatments to their clients, while keeping the number of expensive systems needed to an absolute minimum.

Given Sciton's experience and expertise in the development and construction of aesthetic lasers, Allure Aesthetic is pleased to offer a number of Sciton models and expansions on our site. If you wish to see the Sciton platforms that we presently have in stock, please take a look at our current Sciton inventory. If you are looking for a specific model of Sciton system, and cannot locate one in our store, please contact us directly so that we can be of assistance.

Sciton JOULE

The Sciton JOULE system is--appropriately enough--the crown jewel of Sciton's currently available products. An update to Sciton's popular Sciton Profile series of products, the JOULE has the capacity to carry out more cosmetic medical procedures than practically any system in existence. The JOULE can deliver treatments across a number of energy wavelengths via laser light, infrared, ultrasound, and applied heat. Using OptiPlex technology, the JOULE allows practitioners to design their own treatment regimens, and can deliver laser pulses at a number of different wavelengths of light as desired: at a single wavelength, blended together, or multiplexed into a series of alternating wavelengths.

The JOULE platform is designed so that practitioners can expand their practices by acquiring new modules as desired. This has proven to be an incredibly popular and convenient system, minimizing customer costs while maximizing options. Some of the most popular JOULE modules include:


Sciton's BBL (BroadBand Light) module uses technology for treatments commonly referred to as IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) or photo-facials. The BBL handpiece uses a dual-lamp system, which greatly extends the lifespan of the unit. The handpiece applicator is placed against targeted areas of the skin, and projects highly energetic pulses of broad spectrum light into the skin and subdermal tissue. At the same time, an integrating cooling system monitors the temperature of the exposed tissue, and maintains a comfortable temperature, which can be set by the user to anywhere between 0 and 30 degrees Celsius, as desired.

Treatment options are determined by the use of interchangeable filters and adapters that adapt the light wavelength and spot size and shape of the projection spot. Multiple skin conditions can be treated in a single session simply by changing out the included Smart Filters, and Finesse adapters can be attached to the handpiece to more effectively treat different areas of the body.

The Sciton BBL system is currently indicated for clinical treatments including:

  • Treatment of acne, including cases that manifests as inflammatory lesions, nodules, and cysts
  • Reducing the visibility of small pigmented lesions, such as freckles and those resulting from sun damage
  • Removing angiomas, spider veins, and other vascular lesions
  • Reducing generalized skin redness, such as that caused by rosacea
  • Treating larger pigmented lesions such as port-wine stains and cafe-au-laits
  • Permanently reducing and removing unwanted facial and body hair

Sciton JOULE Halo

The Sciton Halo is a unique fractional laser, in that it can simultaneously deliver ablative and non-ablative skin treatments, overlapping one another, or interspersed across a treatment area. Clinicians are given full control over the Halo's treatment modes. The power balance of the two Halo lasers can be adjusted relative to one another, or the practitioner can choose to disable one laser or the other entirely, delivering solely ablative or non-ablative treatments. For ablative treatments, the projection depth of the laser can be tuned as desired.

The Halo is a powerful skin rejuvenation system, and can produce results including:

  • Improvement in the general tone and texture of skin
  • The removal of pigmentation spots and birthmarks
  • The reduction of facial lines and wrinkles
  • Repair of damage to skin texture and coloration caused by sun
  • Reduction in pore size
  • Removal or fading of scars resulting from acne, injury, or surgery

Halo treatments typically require about two hours from start to finish. Initially, a numbing agent is applied to the treatment area, and up to an hour is allowed for it to take effect. The actual treatment with the Halo module usually requires between 30 and 45 minutes, and then a short rest period follows in which cooling treatments can be applied.

The Halo's handpiece includes incredibly sophisticated sensors that optimize treatment. The DTO sensor (Dynamic Thermal Optimization) continuously measures sin temperature, and adjusts the energy and pulse width of the laser as necessary. Secondly, the optical navigation sensor registers the speed at which the handpiece moves across the skin, and adjusts the density and power of the energy projected into the skin in order to maintain even, consistent results across the entire targeted region of the body.

For the purposes of comfort and safety, a suction device removes smoke and debris during treatment, and a contact cooling tip maintains the desired surface skin temperature.

Sciton JOULE ProFractional

The Sciton ProFractional module employs an unusual treatment mode that differentiates it from both fully ablative and typical fractional laser systems. The ProFractional uses an erbium:YAG laser to ablate narrow, continuous channels into the skin. This combines the benefits of pinpoint fractional and full ablative treatments. The continuous bands of exposure prompt a more pronounced healing response from the immune system, as is the case with full coverage treatments, while also minimizing recovery times by leaving most tissue untouched.

The ProFractional uses a spot size of 250 micrometers, and the density of the exposure channels can be adjusted between 1 1/2% and 30% of the total surface area. The ProFractional-XC, a variant of the original ProFractional model, offers faster treatments by using a larger spot size of 430 micrometers. The ablation treatment depth can also adjusted between 25 and 1500 micrometers. However, Sciton's TRL (Tunable Resurfacing Laser) technology allows the user to adjust the depth of ablation and tissue coagulation separately.

ProFractional treatment sessions produce skin that looks years younger. The ProFractional is able to treat problems such as sun damage, age spots, fine lines, wrinkles, and scars caused by acne, surgery, or accident. The typical recovery time after treatment ranges between 3 and 6 days, depending on the percentage of coverage and the ablation depth.

Sciton JOULE SkinTyte and SkinTyte II

For those wishing to improve their skin tone without the recovery time associated with ablative treatments, the Sciton SkinTyte--now in its second edition--is the ideal soltuion. The SkinTyte uses the projection of infrared energy to heat tissue beneath the skin, causing tissue coagulation and kick-starting the body's natural healing mechanisms and production of collagen. This results in a tighter, more toned surface appearance.

The SkinTyte has an extremely large spot size of 15 mm by 45 mm, meaning that treatments can be completed extremely quickly, allowing for extraordinary patient turnover and increased profits. If you wish to also offer more focused treatments, there are three sizes of Finesse Adapters which attach to the handpiece magnetically, and produce a modified spot size of 15 x 15 mm square, or circular exposure spots with diameters of 11 mm and 7 mm.

The Sciton SkinTyte incorporates a sapphire cooling tip, and using feedback from built-in sensors, can perfectly maintain a user-set temperature ranging from 32 and 86 degrees Fahrenheit (0 to 30 degrees Celsius).