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SlimSpec a Professional System for Cellulite & Body Shaping Treatments Based on Acoustic Radial Wave Therapy (ARWT)

  As more and more practices acquire cryogenic lipolysis technology, the need grows to optimize patients results, add value and differentiate yourself from other providers.  Over 200 of the nations top clinicians have added radial pulsed shockwave to their post body sculpting regimen.  Top luminaries such as Siamak Agha, M.D. and Jay Burns, M.D. use SlimSpec technology post body sculpting procedures. The SlimSpec Radial Pulsed unit is used to replace (3 - 5 minute) manual massage immediately post procedure.  You will add significant value to the procedure and clearly differentiate yourself from other providers. Key clinical advantages attributed to radial pulse treatments following cryogenic lipolysis: • Reproducible delivery of energy to tx area resulting in consistent outcomes • Significantly shorter recover time (3 - 4 weeks vs 8 - 12 weeks without) • Enhanced outcomes (greater volume of adipose tissue resolved • Reduction in patients experiencing delayed onset pain • Enhanced utilization of Cool Sculpting Devices (less time required between tx) • Less stepping/scalping - reduction of lines of demarcation at edges of tx area • Eliminate "frozen fingers” and sore wrists • No consumables Over 200 top body sculpting practices have added radial pulse wave to their post body sculpting treatment regimens. Clinics that are searching for more consistent results have embraced the SlimSpec.   Dermal  Volumetric Rejuvenation ( DVR) System : Fractional Micro – needle RF Distinctions of Vivace:
  • Micro-needle electrodes deliver RF energy into the dermis thermal injury induces the production of new collagen and elastin.
  • Minimally invasive dermal volumetric rejuvenation system less pain & down time and quick results.
  • Special golden & partly insulated Micro-needle target the dermis without epidermal injury.
  • Precise 1MHz/ 2 MHz RF makes dramatic effect.
  • Softly inserting Micro memory motor needling reduce pain & adverse effect.
  • Well organized controls for the various skin conditions – save program for easy use.
  • Red & Blue light emitting diode (LED) lights help skin activity and acne improvement.
  • User friendly and safe Single use cartridge.
  • Accessory introduction:
    • 36 gold coated micro- needles.
    • Step-Motor System.
    • User friendly ergonomic & lighter applicator.
    • Touch Screen.
    • Save programs.
    • Hand & Foot Dual Switch.
    • Level 1_9 / Depth 0.5 – 3.5 mm.
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