Sciton Joule with Halo for sale


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Product Description

2015 Sciton Joule with Halo for sale

Year: 2015

Make: Sciton

Model: Joule

Condition: Excellent


Halo Banner Stand

Halo Module

Sciton Top Level



420, 515, 560, 590 Skin Rejuvenation

590,640,695 Static for Hair Removal

15X15 Square Finesse Adapter

11mm Round

7mm Round

Large Smoothedge Adapter (45x15mm)

Small Smoothedge Adapter (15x15mm)

LAPG Scanner


Buffalo Smoke Evacuator


Accessories include:

Single Spot 2/3mm, 4/6mm hand piece.

Large and small cool plates

BBL spot size adapters – 15mm, 11mm & 7mm

Protective Eyewear


Operator’s Manual