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Product Description

Rohrer  Phoenix-15 CO2 used

Make: Rohrer

Model:  Phoenix-15 CO2

Condition: Excellent

Category: CO2

Rohrer  Phoenix-15 CO2 systems include the following parts:

All-Purpose, Multi-Use Handpiece: 

The handpiece’s laser is perfect for treating delicate lines around the eyes and eyelids, coagulating tissues,blepharoplasty treatments to eliminate skin tags and warts by destroying the blood supply to such fleshy growths.

Micro-Thermal Zone Scanner Handpiece:

The micro-thermal handpiece scatters the laser beam into numerous tiny, low-power shafts of light that pass through the epidermis harmlessly, heating the subdermal layers beneath. This subdermal heating encourages a two-fold healing reaction: skin cells divide and reproduce more quickly, while producing more collagen. The micro-thermal scanner has a spot size that can be adjusted between 5mm and 30mm.

Zone Scanner Mount:  

Plastic enclosure that can hold the micro-thermal zone scanner in place during longer, larger treatments on areas such as the hands and arms. The enclosure has windows on each side that allow the practitioner to see and target the desired areas. The plastic mount is designed to allow the practitioner to be able to easily adjust the handpiece’s power and spot size without interrupting the treatment.

The Phoenix-15 CO2 Laser System doesn’t require any disposables, and can be disassembled into multiple modules for easy transportation

Operator eyewear

Patient eyewear


Power cord


Remote interlock


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