Cutera Excel V – Used – For Sale


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Product Description

This unit has under 15K pulses, and is essentially brand new.

With a powerful 532 nm KTP laser and two 1064 nm Nd:YAG laser modes, the Cutera Excel V system offers the ability to treat a wide range of vascular conditions in a single system, along with efficient cooling and excellent visibility of the treatment area. Simply put, this modern laser gives you more treatment options.

Laser vascular treatments rely on the principle of Selective Photothermolysis – the selective destruction of targeted vessels with the correct choice of wavelength, pulse width, and fluence. While the principle is well-developed, the challenge has always been to build a laser system that delivers the combination of parameters required for successful treatments across the broad range of vascular conditions.

110v – 240v 20 amp 50/60 Hz
As new, minimal use registered, just calibrated and serviced.

Additional Information

Manufacture Date


Plug Type

110 Volt/220 Volt

Additional Accessories

(1) Patient Shield, (2) 1064 Glasses, Foot Switch, Interlock, Key, Mast, Technical Parameters, User’s Manual


Excel V 1064 Variable Spot and Laser Genesis with thermal sensing


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