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2007 Cutera Xeo For Sale fully loaded with Pearl, Pearl Fractional, Titan, Limelight, Prowave low pulse counts on this device, It comes with a 1 warranty and a 30 day money back guarantee, This product is ready to ship, COD, ESCROW, CC Accepted. The Cutera XEO laser is a versatile device that can be used to address a number of aesthetic concerns, including spider veins and reticular veins safely and effectively. Through a number of calibration settings, this laser gives Dr Stevens extensive options for developing a treatment plan customized to your unique cosmetic needs after your medical venous issues have been addressed.

How The Cutera XEO Laser Works

The Cutera XEO laser was designed to give your practice so many options for developing a customized laser skin treatment plan. At the core of this device is a powerful laser technology that can be custom-tailored with a variety of settings that adjust the wavelengths delivered to the skin. This is a vital feature, as the wavelength will dictate how deeply the laser penetrates and what structures it will affect. The 1064 nm ND:YAG wavelength has been found optimal for vascular treatment. Year: 2007 Make: Cutera Model: XEO SN#: XP15*** Condition: Excellent Shot Count: See Photos Category: Aesthetic Lasers Cutera  XEO systems include the following parts: Includes: Pearl fractional Pearl Titan ND Yag Limelight Pro-wave 770 Included Accessories Power Cord Operator’s Manual Handpiece Tree System Key Foot Pedal System Cooling: Internal, self-contained   19/35/12 90 Day Parts & Labor Warranty




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Electrical: 115V / 20A or 230V / 20A

Weight: 135 lbs


System Cooling:



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