Palomar Lasers for Sale

Palomar Medical Technologies has produced some of the most popular and trustworthy cosmetic lasers in the world. It produced the first high-powered laser-based hair removal system, and was the first company to ever receive FDA clearance to market a cosmetic laser for over-the-counter home-use, without the need for a prescription. Allure Aesthetics has the highest respect for Palomar's products, and is pleased to have a number of their models available for sale.

You can see the Palomar systems that we currently have in stock at our constantly updated Palomar inventory page. If you are looking for a specific model of Palomar system, such as one of those described below, and can't locate it in our inventory, please contact us directly so that we can best assist you.

Palomar Icon Aesthetic System

The Palomar Icon Laser and Optimized Light System is an expandable platform featuring 9 different handpieces, giving it almost unparalleled range of treatment options. Perhaps its most defining feature is the wireless Skintel Melanin Reader accessory. The Skintel has a sensor that can measure the average melanin density of a patient's skin, and determines the ideal spot size settings based upon the observed Melanin Index Value. This is especially useful for evaluating clients whose skin is especially reddened, or when lighting is inconsistent or poor.

The Icon is indicated for a large number of treatments, including:

  • Treatment of visible skin damage caused by sun exposure
  • Reduction of facial redness, such as that caused by rosacea
  • Photofacial skin rejuvenation
  • Reduction of enlarged and engorged blood vessels
  • Reduction of blotchy skin color, for more consistent skin tone
  • Reduction in the visibility of freckles and other pigment spots
  • Treatment of melasma and other pigmentation disorders
  • Lightening of birthmarks, including port-wine stains and cafe-au-lait spots
  • Reduction of acne scars and surgical scars
  • Treatment of pimples caused by P. acnes
  • Removal of skin growths, such as hemangiomas and angiomas
  • Reduction in the visibility of stretch marks, such as those resulting from pregnancy and weight changes
  • Clearance of spider veins and other fine veins in the face, legs, and elsewhere
  • Reduction and removal of facial and body hair
  • Ablative and non-ablative fractional skin resurfacing on all areas of the body

To achieve this vast number of treatments with only a single system, the Icon platform offers the choice of nine handpieces:

2940 nm fractional ablative laser: For the reduction of wrinkles and treatment of dermal texture irregularities.

1540 nm non-ablative laser: The only skin-resurfacing laser approved by the FDA for the treatment of scars, stretchmarks, and melasma. It offers the choice of two lenses, the XF and XD microlenses. The 1540 XD is for the treatment of more severe scars and stretchmarks, while the 1540 XF is designed for fast, one-pass treatments averaging 15 minutes.

1064+ (1064 nm) laser: For the clearance of blood vessels, including large blue leg veins and smaller, fine red facial vessels. The 1064+ can also be used for laser hair removal on patients with darker skin colors.

MaxIR IPL laser: Designed for deep tissue heating, making it useful for skin resurfacing and tissue volume reduction.

MaxR laser: For the reduction and removal of hair on all types and colors of skin. It features a large 14x46 mm spot size, making it ideal for treatments involving larger skin surfaces, such as the chest, back, and legs.

MaxRs laser: The counterpart to the MaxR, the MaxRs features a smaller spot size of 12x28 mm, perfect for targeting hair on the underarms, face, and bikini area.

MaxY laser: This 525-1200 nm laser is appropriate for the reduction of pigmented lesions, as well as removal of body and facial hair.

MaxYs laser: Like the MaxY, the MaxYs operates in the 525-1200 nm wavelengths, with a high peak power that gives it the ability to remove fine and light hair that is typically difficult to treat with other lasers.

MaxG laser: The MaxG is a dual-filter system, with wavelengths in the 500-670 nm and 870-1200 nm ranges. It uses Dynamic Spectrum Shifting to project heat more evenly, allowing for superior treatment of pigmented lesions and deep, difficult to reach veins.

 Palomar Vectus

The Palomar Vectus diode laser system is a specialized tool, designed for the express purpose of quickly, efficiently, and permanently removing hair. The Vectus is one of the fastest laser hair removal platforms currently on the market, and was only recently developed and approved by the FDA. Its laser diode has a peak operating power of over 3000 watts, far outstripping older laser technology that peaked at only 1600 watts. The Vectus also utilizes a unique Photon Recycling system to capture and re-emit 25% of the energy not initially absorbed by the skin, making the best possible use of its power.

That isn't to say that the Vectus is an overly intense or painful treatment platform. Its strength is carefully kept in check, maintaining an energy emission plateau that prevents the occurrence of hot spots that could result in burning or reddening of the skin. Its handpiece also has a sapphire tip that provides contact cooling of the skin for the duration of treatment sessions. If that isn't enough, the Vectus has one of the largest spot sizes in the market, measuring approximately 1 inch by 1.5 inches.

All of these features add up to keep both patients and practitioners happy. Clients experience fast, nearly pain-free hair removal, while clinicians are often able to complete treatments with fewer sessions, which each session often taking less than fifteen minutes, allowing for larger clienteles and higher profits.