eVo Lasers For Sale

Allure Aesthetics is proud to announce that we have become a national distributor for eVo Lasers, a company founded and managed by specialists with more than 30 years of experience in the cosmetic laser industry. Thanks to the company's experience with medical laser design, plastic surgery practices, and medical spa management, they have been able to develop a line of products that perfectly meets the needs of today's practitioners and med spa owners.

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To see the line of eVo products currently available for purchase on our site, take a look at our eVo Laser inventory page. If you need help finding a specific model not listed on the page, or would like more assistance in determining what product best meets the needs of your practice, please contact us directly so that we can best assist you.

eVo Velocity 810

evo-velocity-810-lasereVo's product development team brought together their shared experience in laser design, cosmetic medical treatment, and clinical practice management to create a hair removal laser that best met the needs of practitioners and their patients. By contracting directly with parts manufacturers that produce elements of some of the best-known cosmetic lasers on the market, eVo was able to develop a top-tier quality laser system, the eVo Velocity 810, with a price tag well below that of all major competitors.

The Velocity 810 is built using diodes and laser bar arrays manufactured by Germany-based Analytik Jena AG; precision-engineered water pumps built by the 70 year old Italian company Fluid-O-Tech, renowned for its fluid handling systems; radiators from Germany; and heat exchangers and water filtration systems built in the United States.

The eV0 laser hair removal system uses an 808nm continuous wave diode coupled to a sapphire tip to effectively remove hair from all parts of the body, including the face, chest, back, armpits, limbs, and bikini areas. The high-powered laser operates at 10 pulses per second, delivering as much as 25 joules per square centimeter (with a maximum single shot power of 80 joules), a far higher energy threshold than many competitor's maximum energy delivery capacity of 15 joules/centimeter squared at 10Hz. The handpiece takes advantage of this power with a light spot size of 12mm by 12mm, keeping session times to an absolute minimum.

To ensure maximum patient comfort, the Velocity 810's handpiece uses a three-pronged cooling system:

  • A Duachill semi-conductor chilling probe which operates at a cool 39 degrees Fahrenheit (4 degrees Celsius).
  • Integrated water-chilled systems.
  • On-board air-cooling.

eV0 has worked hard to keep the cost to practitioners at an absolute minimum. The eV0 Velocity 810 does not require any consumables, nor does the company charge licensing fees, meaning that once you've purchased the system, your practice doesn't continue to accrue operating costs. In addition, every eVo laser system comes with a 5 million pulse warranty. This warranty can be transferred along with the system via resale with no additional fees, boosting the resale value of the system.


For practitioners who are looking for the latest and greatest, the eVo Velocity 810 has full FDA approval. You can find more information by looking up the following FDA information:

  • 510k Approved
  • FDA Accession #: 1410790-00
  • FDA Regulation #: 878.4810

eVo Fractional Resurfacing Pen

Many cosmetic treatment providers run their businesses out of small or shared spaces. These working conditions make it difficult and impractical to use larger laser treatment systems, due to insufficient storage space and having to move equipment from room to room. Careful examination on the needs of such practitioners led to the development of the eVo Fractional Resurfacing Pen.


The eVo Fractional Resurfacing Pen is ideal for tattoo removal, as well as fractional resurfacing treatments for issues such as scars, stretch marks, fine lines, sagging skin, and pigment spots and other pigmentation disorders.

The eVo Fractional Resurfacing Pen (also known as the eVo Pen-xf) leverages the advantages of microneedling, which can yield results better than traditional fractional lasers. Microneedling devices like the eVo Pen-xf use single-use tips comprised of a cartridge of multiple superfine needles. As the tip passes over the skin, the needles penetrate the skin at a rate of 1,200 penetrations per second. This stimulates the production of collagen in a more regular and distributed pattern, producing results often superior to those typically seen from more destructive laser exposure. Inflammation is minimized, meaning there is less down time and faster recovery from treatments.

The eVo Pen-xf comes with 30 tips, and a 2 year warranty. Additional tips are available in a variety of sizes, in packages of 10 or 20. Tips for the eVo Fractional Resurfacing Pen are priced at less than 50% of those sold for similar devices, such as the Palomar Fractional 1540 or the Fraxel SR-1500.