Why Buy Used Cosmetic Lasers from Allure Aesthetics, Inc?

Why Buy Used Cosmetic Lasers from Allure

If you’re looking for used cosmetic lasers, look no further.

There are literally dozens of places on the Internet where you can find used aesthetic lasers. Brokers and dealers who will offer to sell you pre-owned cosmetic lasers set up a website and expect to start selling immediately. Some of these sites may be run by reputable businesses, but many are operated by people who will tell you just about anything if they think it will get you to buy one of their used aesthetic lasers.

Either way, most of these sites are set up by companies that simply act as middlemen – equipment brokers and dealers who never actually take possession of the equipment. They may never even have seen the used cosmetic lasers they sell. If there are repairs necessary to one of their pre-owned cosmetic lasers, they may ignore it, or use a band-aid to fix it. Their motto seems to be “We will do anything to get you to buy.”

Here at Allure Aesthetics, Inc., we don’t do business that way. We are not a broker. We purchase or take in trade every pre-owned cosmetic laser we sell. Before it is added to our inventory, we know exactly what we have, what it looks like and whether it works properly. We inspect every single used cosmetic laser we sell, and we make the necessary repairs and refurbishments before we put it back on the market. We take the time so you don’t inherit someone else’s problem. You’re looking to buy used medical lasers to save money, not so you can spend thousands more on repairs and neglected maintenance.

Purchasing pre-owned aesthetic lasers on the Internet can be risky. There are some unscrupulous rascals out there who will slap some duct tape and baling wire on their pre-owned aesthetic lasers and then sell them to you, supposedly at a discount. But if you have to fix the machine before it works – or, worse, if you never get it to work properly – you haven’t saved a penny. And lasers that don’t work properly can be downright dangerous.

Our qualified technicians all have up-to-date training on all types of aesthetic lasers. Before we put a pre-owned aesthetic laser up for sale, our techs check it out from stem to stern, and they make sure you get what you expect: a used medical laser, yes, but one in good working order at a pre-owned price. All our machines have been overhauled and refurbished to top industry standards. That’s why our customers – leading medical professionals – remain so loyal to Allure Aesthetics.

Our dedication to quality in the used medical lasers we sell doesn’t end with the sale, either. We back our promises with one of the best and most comprehensive warranties in the business. And we back up our warranty with service that is what we promised, when we promised it.

Buying used aesthetic lasers can save you a lot of money – up to 75% off the price of a new machine. But you only save money if the laser works properly, and you can only use it to attract new business if it does what you need it to do.

Allure Aesthetics, Inc. is one of the top sellers of used medical lasers in the world. We do things the right way, and our customers appreciate us. Check us out and see the difference.