BTL Aesthetics Products For Sale

Allure Aesthetics is happy to offer a number of popular BTL products and treatments for sale. They have been active in a number of medical fields over the past 20 years, including cardiology, physiology, and aesthetics. The breadth of their experience speaks highly of their ability to deliver effective, reliable, and safe medical technology.

We carry an ever-changing variety of BTL systems. Please take the opportunity to browse our inventory of BTL machines, or contact us directly if you are looking for a specific model, such as one of those described below. We are happy to assist you in any way that we can.

BTL Vanquish

Laser- and ultrasound-based fat reduction and body-shaping systems have been becoming increasingly common in the United States in the past few years. However, BTL saw a lot of promise in an alternative technology--radiofrequency projection. The problem with existing radiofrequency-based systems is that they often distributed energy inconsistently, resulting in reddened or even burned skin.

The BTL Aesthetics Vanquish is a refinement upon this already proven technology, with the added benefit of no longer causing the pain and discomfort previously associated with the treatment. The BTL Vanquish projects energy at a specific frequency that targets fatty, adipose tissue in the body that is resistant to that particular energy frequency. The result is that the tissue is heated to over 110 degrees Fahrenheit (45 degrees Celsius), damaging more than 60% of the affected fat cells. Meanwhile, the skin is left unharmed, as the applicator never touches the surface of the body, and the energy it projects harmlessly passes through the skin.

Vanquish treatments are spread out over the course of 4-6 weeks. Sessions take place once a week, and typically last about 30 minutes. Patients describe the treatment as feeling like a heating blanket or pad is being applied to their skin, and many actually fall asleep due to the relaxing sensation. Immediately afterwards, skin may appear warm and/or slightly red, but this quickly fades within the course of an hour or so. No pain or discomfort is provoked during or after treatment, making the BTL Vanquish an extremely popular alternative to more invasive techniques.

Results are often visible after one or two sessions, with evident skin tightening and improvement in tone. The Vanquish is a flexible platform--it can be used to destroy fat present in the legs, thighs, rear, hips, stomach, back, waistline, and elsewhere. European studies reported an average loss of over 2 inches from the waistlines of patients who received weekly treatments targeting that area for one month. At least part of this is attributable to the large surface area that the Vanquish covers--far more than other competing systems or technologies. The Vanquish is also useful for a number of other treatments, including the reduction of muscle spasms, joint pain and stiffness, muscle pain, and more.

Delivered alongside the Vanquish, laser treatments can be especially efficacious in a multi-pronged treatment plan.

BTL Exilis and BTL Exilis Elite

The BTL Aesthetics Exilis family of products are designed to meet the high worldwide demand for body contouring and shaping treatments. Treatments with the BTL Exilis can tighten tissue and skin, improve the appearance of cellulite, and rejuvenate the elasticity of epidermal tissue. Its features also make it useful in the application of treatments for anti-aging and wrinkle reduction. The Exilis combines the use of high RF and ultrasound to heat subdermal layers of tissue, prompting them to contract and inducing the increased production of collagen.  Meanwhile, Exilis handpiece actively cools the surface of the skin, preventing burning or reddening of the skin.

The newly-introduced Energy Flow Control (EFC) system adjusts the amount of energy projected into the body via realtime monitoring of the patient using a thermometer built into the handpiece. This prevents spikes in energy distribution, giving more consistent, even results, while keeping the patient safe and comfortable. The system can be controlled through the full-color touch screen menu, and automated protocols can be set up in order to simply otherwise complex treatment regimens. The power and amount of cooling during treatment can be monitored and adjusted via this same interface, as well as a full-color interface on the handpiece itself.

Treatment sessions are often only 10 to 15 minutes in length, and cause no discomfort or pain. Best results are typically yielded after four treatments. Some of the observable effects of the Exilis treatment include reduction in fat volume, reduction in the visibility of cellulite, skin tightening, reduction in wrinkles, skin tightening, and improved production of collagen. Clients who initially schedule Exilis treatments for one area of their body often enjoy results that are so positive that they subsequently expand their scheduled treatments to cover other areas of their bodies as well. The Exilis and Exilis Elite are systems that are ideal in small spas and practices, thanks to breadth of treatments that can be performed with a single piece of equipment.

BTL Exilis Protege Elite

In contrast to the Exilis Protege, laser treatments can often inflict a great deal of discomfort, or even cause physical harm in the form of burns, swelling, and bruising. The BTL Protege system is designed to only deliver the exact amount of energy needed to produce results, thanks to its reworked EFC Elite (Energy Flow Control) system. High levels of energy are distributed uniformly across the treatment area, while temperature probes monitor surface temperatures in realtime. Instead of burning some areas while underexposing other tissue--resulting in less than optimal results--patients enjoy consistent, obvious improvements in skin rejuvenation and wrinkle reduction. This consistency makes the Exilis Protege fantastic for working on especially delicate skin, such as that around the eyes or lips.

BTL has a great deal of experience working in the medical industry, and so it recognizes the inherent risks of many energy-based cosmetic treatments. The electrical resistance of the body varies greatly according to location and material, as well as the quality of the contact made between the applicator and the tissue being treated. Soft tissues such as skin, fat, and muscle have relatively low electrical resistance, or impedance, while bone and other dense body masses have much higher levels of impedance. This variation requires the amount of energy being delivered to vary as well. However, some treatment systems can overreact, especially due to insufficient contact between the applicator handpiece and the skin. This often results in overheating or burning of the skin, but can even cause sparking or cutting.

The Exilis EFC system prevents this via sophisticated monitoring of tissue impedance and the amount of energy being delivered. This means that the absolute minimum amount of energy necessary is delivered, with no hotspots or overexposure. As a result, patients treated with the Protege Elite enjoy consistent, predictable results, without any pain or discomfort, or risk of bodily injury.  This attention to reliability and safety makes the Protege an ideal addition to any spa or medical practice.