Alma Lasers for Sale

Allure Aesthetics is proud to feature a number of popular products produced and distributed by Alma Lasers. Alma Lasers has been a world leader in the aesthetic laser and cosmetic surgery markets for years, and is a widely trusted, oft-proven brand.

You can see what Alma Laser used systems we have currently have available by visiting our Alma inventory page. If you are looking for a specific used used Alma model, such as one of those described below, please contact us so that we can best assist you.

Alma Soprano and Alma Soprano XL

The Alma Soprano XL may well be the best laser hair removal system on the market today. The first pain-free laser treatment, its performance over the past six years has proven it to be the ideal cosmetic laser for both clinics and clients.

Customers worldwide know and love the Soprano laser system, swearing by it thanks to its pain-free IN-Motion technology. Patients have described competing traditional hair removal treatments as causing pain similar to having a rubber band continuously snapped against their skin, or having the affected skin being waxed. These same patients have described the Soprano hair removal process as feeling like a hot rock massage. Some even fall asleep during treatment.

Using IN-Motion technology, the Soprano XL disperses treatment wavelengths across a larger area of skin, gradually heating follicles without causing discomfort or damage to the surrounding skin. The Alma Soprano’s SHR mode helps avoid skipping follicles and necessitating more and longer treatments. It’s proven effective even with clients with a great deal of body and facial hair due to hormone imbalance and PCOS.

Hair removal providers and clinic owners have been able to effectively treat a number of customers whom they would have previously had to turn away, due to their pigmentation or the fineness of their hair. Thanks to the ability to treat more clients, and the number of customers actively seeking pain-free laser treatment, spa centers and physicians have been able to greatly increase their customer base—and their profits.

Since the Soprano’s introduction, Alma has continued to improve and refine the Alma Soprano family of products. The recently introduced Alma Soprano Ice laser handpiece incorporates new cooling technologies, while cutting down on the strain experienced by clinicians. The Soprano Ice is one of the lightest available handpieces, allowing operators to comfortably work throughout the work day.

The advantages of the Soprano XL are easy to see:

  • Works on all skin types (Fitzpatrick Scale I-VI)
  • Effectively treats a large variety of hair types, regardless of fineness or color
  • Pain-free, without the injury and skipped areas common with single-pulse laser treatments
  • Sensitive skin in areas such as underarms and bikini areas can be effectively treated without causing pain or discoloration
  • Patients see results after the very first treatment, and treatment regimens rarely require more than six sessions
  • SHR technology has been proven effective for more than six years and by thousands of customers
  • Uses an 810-nm laser diode, the best-performing means of laser hair treatment for more than 15 years
  • DualChill tip, in conjunction with IN-Motion technology, cuts down on the use of costly single-use products necessary with other laser systems
  • Its broad 12x10mm application area results in faster treatments, allowing spas and salons to serve more clients with fewer expensive treatment systems

Alma Accent Elite and Alma Accent XL

The Alma Accent Elite and Alma Accent XL are expandable platforms designed for any spa or practice that offers skin rejuvenation treatments. Relying on unipolar and bipolar radio frequency technology, the Accent family of products is ideal for treating wrinkles and cellulite.

The Alma Accent has a number of advantages over competing systems:

  • It offers both non-invasive and ablative treatments
  • Handpieces can be swapped out as needed, without any interruption in operation
  • Its friendly interface and controls allow for reliably successful results
  • Accent handpieces can be used on skin all over the body
  • There is no need for single-use consumables
  • The Accent platform can be expanded to provide a number of treatments, as needed

The Accent’s range of handpieces offers a number of applications, making it an ideal addition for any practitioner. Some of the currently available handpieces include:

New PixelRF
Perhaps the most highly praised Accent add-on, the New PixelRF uses heat and skin ablation to treat a number of surface signs of aging, such as wrinkles, spots, and loose skin, as well as acne scars and other undesirable aesthetic damage. The PixelRF’s rotating in-motion tip makes treatments quicker and easier—facial treatments can be completed in 10 minutes! The PixelRF uses electrodes to create a series of small plasma sparks to ablate the surface of the skin, while also heating subdermal layers. The energy output is adjustable, allowing practitioners to control the amount of ablation and heating as needed.

The PixelRF can be used on all skin colors and types (Fitzpatrick I-VI), and can achieve results in a single treatment that would require multiple sessions with other products.

Bipolar and UniLarge Handpieces
The Bipolar handpiece uses bipolar RF current to focus treatment on the surface of the skin, while the UniLarge delivers energy into deeper tissue. This combination of skin surface heating and deep tissue stimulation results in increased collagen production, maximizing the reduction of skin wrinkles.

UniForm Handpiece
The UniForm combines the RF treatment capabilities of the UniLarge with a special mechanical applicator. The new applicator stimulates blood circulation in deep tissues, working in concert with RF delivery into dermal and subdermal tissues. This results in increased contraction in skin, connective tissue, and collagen fibers, while improving lymphatic and blood circulation in the tissues beneath. The Accent UniForm handpiece is excellent for minimizing the visibility of cellulite, responsible for undesirable dimpling of the thighs, sometimes referred to as “cottage cheese.”

Alma Harmony

The Alma Harmony laser family of products is perhaps one of the most flexible skin treatment systems available. Its wide variety of accessories and upgrades allows for clinicians to offer more services than ever before, while minimizing maintenance and other overhead costs.

The Alma Harmony and Alma Harmony XL platforms are effective in more than 70 medical and aesthetic treatments. A small practice can buy only the treatment type accessories that it currently needs, instead of absorbing huge startup costs that are unavoidable with other laser and IPL systems.

The Alma Harmony’s Advanced Fluorescence Technology) makes it for treating dermal pigmentation issues, as well as for hair removal treatments. With its equally distributed fluence, energy is distributed uniformly across the skin, allowing for consistent treatment all across the body without discomfort or skin damage.

Expansions available for the Alma Harmony include:

Pixel Pro 2940 nm
For those seeking treatment for age-related skin damage, the Pixel Pro’s iPixel resurfacing laser is the ideal choice. The Pixel Pro focuses its effects on tissue beneath the outer layer of skin, minimizing temporary discoloration while maximizing treatment effects. This pinpoint ablative treatment induces the body to activate healing processes and production of collagen, without affecting nearby tissue.

The Pixel Pro has three tips suitable for ablation and fractional ablation treatments: 7x7 fractional stamping, 1x7 fractional rolling, and 4mm Erbium. This allows the treatment professional to choose the ideal exposure pattern appropriate for any given patient.

Cooled Long Pulsed Nd:YAG 1064nm Module
This Nd:YAG long-pulsed laser with continuous skin-cooling tip is the best choice for non-ablative forms of treatment for surface conditions such as wrinkles and fine lines, as well as the elimination of cosmetically undesirable blood vessels. Designed to target subdermal vascular lesions, many treatments can be completed in under one minute. Its 1064nm laser is recommended for the treatment of Class I, Class II, and Class III blood vessels, such as reticular veins, vascular ectasias, and telangiectasias.

High Power UV Module
The High Power UV Module is designed for the treatment of a variety of dermatological disorders, utilizing a xenon lamp that emits focused ultraviolet (UVA and UVB) light. This phototherapy handpiece for the Alma Harmony can target small or large areas of skin, making it perfect for psoriasis, vitiligo, stretch marks, eczema, pigmented scars, and a host of other dermatoses.

Alex 755
Named for its featured Alexandrite laser, the Alex 755 fires pulses of 750nm light, useful for hair reduction and the treatment of pigmented lesions. Appropriate for skin types ranging from I to VI, the effective and flexible Alex 755 can even be used on sensitive skin or especially small target areas, such as the upper lip or ears.

High Power Q-Switched 1064/532nm Nd:YAG Module
Tattoo removal is becoming an increasingly popular and profitable treatment, but can be difficult due to different colored inks requiring laser treatment across a broad spectrum. The Q-Switched 1064/532 handpiece integrates lasers of two different wavelengths: 1064 nm, appropriate for targeting dark tattoo inks such as green, blue and black, and 532, for lighter-colored tattoo inks, such as yellow, orange and red.
The combined use of the 1064nm and 532nm lasers can break up almost any tattoo in, allowing the body to absorb and dispose of the residual ink. Complete treatments typically require 6 to 8 sessions, across a period of 24 to 64 weeks.

The module is also appropriate for non-ablative skin treatments, and pigmented lesions. Its dual-wavelength feature allows clinicians to perform a variety of treatments at a fraction of the cost.

Dye-VL Module
The Dye-VL handpiece is designed to target pigmented and vascular lesions, using a 500-600nm wavelength laser to target blood vessels, shrinking them and diminishing their appearance. The Dye-VL is designed specifically to treat skin on face and neck, as well as elsewhere on the body.
This expansion for the Alma Harmony XL system allows clinicians to treat a variety of aesthetic blemishes caused by dermal disorders, including rosacea, hemangioma, port wine stains, angiomas, and more.

Near Infrared Handpiece (NIR)
This Harmony handpiece is perfect for noninvasive aesthetic dermal treatments, including skin tightening and reshaping. By heating subdermal layers, it encourages the skin’s natural healing mechanisms to activate, resulting in the regeneration and remodeling of connective tissues.
Advanced Fluorescence Technology Handpieces (AFT)

The AFT handpieces can be used for the treatment of unwanted facial and body hair, as well as acne lesions. The 650-950mm handpiece painless for hair removal gives fast results while minimizing discomfort and pain, regardless of skin color. The AFT acne handpiece uses a blue 420-950nm wavelength laser to disturb the metabolism of Propionibacterium acnes (P. acnes). The resulting oxidation kills the anaerobic bacteria, without causing harm to surrounding tissue. This treatment is notable in that it achieves visible results without medications or topical creams that often yield unwanted side effects.

1320 Nd:YAG Handpiece
The 1320nm Nd:YAG handpiece is perfect for skin tightening treatments, such as those used to eliminate wrinkles, fine lines, light- and age-damaged skin, and acne scars. The laser targets lower layers of the skin, creating microscopic hot spots that prompt the body to produce collagen in order to heal and tighten the skin.